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Ma du Nord


Ma is a Japanese concept meaning " an emptiness full of possibilities, like a promise yet to be fulfilled." Ma is about creating moments of awareness and quiet; the contemplation and conceptualization of space. Collection Ma du Nord, similarly translated to Collection Ma of the North, was designed to leave room for the viewer to fill the space between. Often times, Nicki's landscapes intentionally bring her viewers back to a memory or a familiar place. Her abstract landscapes are designed with layering watercolor technique on natural canvas.

Collection —


Collection Ukino is the embodiment of its name and meaning, "to live in the moment & be far from common life matters," a synonym to the phrase, "slow living." Ukino is another Japanese concept that has inspired Nicki throughout this last year to design Collection Ukino as an ode to living in the moment, redefining and rephrasing what it looks like to live in such a fast-paced world. 


I primarily create readily available work, but accept commission requests as well. My work is showcased at a number of local shops in Minnesota as well as around the United States.

Please place a commission request if you are inquiring about a Textured, Natural Canvas, or Home Illustration.