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With a focus on the elimination of excess, our work is more than a single photo, video or painting… but a story you feel. 


We, The.Fladebos, are a husband and wife duo that love to capture editorial and candid imagery of your day as they unfold. The simple things are what we love the most. Taking walks in the rain, staying up late and telling stories under the stars, seeing how you both light up when you look at one another, the intimate and playful touches of laughter, who you are when nobody's watching — this is the type of stuff we want to capture, because this is real. This is what love and life really look like.



Studio: The place for the creation of everything.

NIC.STUDIO is the embodiment of all of my creative outlets, photography, video and art. I believe my passions will grow, my team will expand and NIC.STUDIO feels like the right name to showcase my artwork and photography under one roof for the time being, even if “the.fladebos” is what our photo/video business is currently named.


In the future, NIC.STUDIO will be more than an online presence. It will eventually be a physical studio, one where we can invite artists and makers to create and share along with learning art techniques from me. I want it to be a place where artists teach and create—a home away from home. 




Nicki & Jacob Fladebo


digital and film photography,

video & art

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