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Natural fibers, earthy tones, and texture; these are the underlying components that embody my work. Longing for stillness, I seek refuge in nature's surroundings. By stitching and stretching natural canvas, I strive to emulate textures and colors found in nature in unconventional ways. My abstract work is achieved by combining various mediums with water, each layer adding depth and detail. 


My paintings start with a layer of raw canvas lightly sprayed with water or modeling paste. Using a textured base creates a beautiful foundation for light to interact with and other mediums to live on. Layers upon layers of water, paint, fibers and plaster are used to reproduce textures found in nature or weathered pottery. 


I’ve always been inspired by weathered and worn objects and the story they tell with their aged beauty. Whether that be a two hundred year old tree or a handmade ceramic vase at the antique store, my goal is to create art that portrays a similar effect and story. Inspiring you to connect with the artwork and the natural world around you. You may notice parts of a painting that remind you of a familiar place, inviting you to stillness as a reminder that there is infinite beauty in the simple things. 


film photography

& fine art


Nicki Fladebo / Art & Photography

Jacob Fladebo / Film Photography

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